Roxanna Mason Sand

Mason Sand

Fine Sand used to Mix with Type S Mortar

Roxanna Black Gold Mulch

Fill Sand

Course sand great for pools and livestock

Roxanna Sandy Nines

Sandy Nines

Fine Base material used commonly for Pavers

Roxanna #411 Limestone Chips & Dust

#411 Limestone (Chips & Dust)

Used to top Gravel Driveways

Roxanna #304 Limestone Gravel

#304 Limestone Course Base

Material Used Commonly for Driveways

Pea Gravel

#8 Pea Gravel

Commonly Used for Concrete Slabs

Roxanna #57 Limestone

#57 Limestone

Commonly used for backfill of Trenches

Roxanna #57 Gravel

#57 Gravel

Commonly used for backfill around Drainage Pipes

#2 limestone

Used for Base Material

Roxanna Rip Rap

Class D Rip Rap

Large Limestone about the size of a football used for landscaping and erosion control

Roxanna River Rock

River Rock

Can be used in some Hardscape applications

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